Managed IT Services


Our Highly Skilled staff can offer management of Customer LAN or WAN deployment as well as WLAN and other network needs.  We also supply a helpdesk that speaks both English and Spanish.  We supply all licensing needs and sell most widely used products.  

Incident Detection & Response


The Cyber Knights team is trained in handling incidents while keeping a chain of custody intact for legal proceedings.  Our team specializes in minimizing the impact of an incident as well as identifying root causes.  We will help guide you through the restoration process including how to communicate to outside parties and provide compliance assistance after a breach.

Site Surveys


Many customers ask, "Why does my wireless not work right?"  Our team is trained on performing wireless assessments taylored for each specific environment.  We develop solutions that match your specific needs.  Our tools help provide detailed reports for each customer as Wireless is not a "one size fits all".  

Penetration Testing


Our team enjoys testing defenses and coming up with the newest ways to defend against breaches.  With this in mind, we have to think like the enemy.  We provide white box projects to test the defenses of our clients.  We show vulnerabilities that would not be listed by an automated scan tool.  We test all aspects of the business for intrusion by physical means and by digital means.  Think your defenses are adequate? Give us a try.

Risk / Vulnerability Assessments


Knowing is half the battle, this is why we pride ourselves in the scan of our clients.  We show you what the risks and vulnerabilities are within your environment to assist with reducing probability of successful exploits.  Cyber Knights provides a detailed overview with solutions for the risks and vulnerabilities you may have.  This is the first step towards security.  



Our team has a vast knowledge base and we drive ourselves to learn more everyday.  With this expertise, we believe it is important to share and help a business grow.  If it has to deal with a printer or the best way to reduce cost of IT using automation, we provide the guidance you need.  We help translate techy talk to business talk.  Let us see how we can help you today.